Scaling the Wob since YOLD 3182

Wobscale is a Seattle-based creative technology collective. We defy simple explanation, existing as both a parody of modern tech while simultaneously embodying it.

We exist partially to poke fun at the industry, but also as a front for an eclectic collection of projects. We explicitly eschew making money in favor of having fun and working on things we care about.

Join us on IRC at #wob on irc.wobscale.website or via our Matrix bridge at #wob:wobscale.chat. Participation is subject to our code of conduct.

We’re on Mastodon at @wobscale@wobscale.social.

We have free stickers!

You can attempt to contact us at contact@wobscale.website. Please don’t try to sell us things.


An independent, multi-homed, open peering network connected with SIX. (Ask us about colocation or peering!)
Wobscale’s account management service, with integration for OpenID Connect.
How many Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Modules can we fit in 1U?
Wobscale’s authoritative DNS service, still in development. Using pepbut, a minimal authoritative DNS server written in Rust.