Wobscale — the Term

Wobscale is a corruption of the term Webscale. Webscale, much like The Cloud, is a vague buzzword for modern technology. By corrupting the term, we hope to poke fun at it. Also, it just rolls off the tongue and sounds great!

Wobscale — the Team

First and foremost, we're a bunch of internet friends trying to have a good time. We're not trying to make hoards of cash nor do we think we'll create anything world-shattering. We're trying to have fun and learn things.
That being said, we're also not joking around. Our Services will be run to the best of our ability. We'll be accountable for our actions and obligations. You can trust us :)

Wobscale Technologies — the LLC

Wobscale Technologies, LLC is an LLC created by the Wobscale Team. It's registered in the state of Washington.